In the Sierras. - 2016

In the Sierras. - 2016

Chris Robison

Chris Robison has always loved photography. He is lucky enough to live and work in Portland, OR which affords ready access to the beautiful scenery of Mt. Hood, the Columbia Gorge and the Oregon Coast. 

His passion is viewing and photographing the night skies. Having access to dark skies in these scenic areas enables him to capture these amazing images of mountains and starry skies. 

His love of backpacking and being outdoors has driven him to thru-hike several of the West's scenic long trails including the 211 mile John Muir Trail through the Sierras, the 93 mile Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier and the 40 mile Timberline trail around Mt. Hood.

His photos capture moments of beauty around the Pacific Northwest and the hope is that appreciation for the beauty of nature and inspiration comes out in his images.