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Hello! My name is Chris Robison and I have always loved photography.  I am lucky enough to live and work in Portland, OR which affords me ready access to the beautiful scenery of Mt. Hood, the Columbia Gorge and the Oregon Coast.  I especially love viewing and photographing the night skies.  Having access to dark skies in these scenic areas enables me to capture these amazing images of mountains and starry skies.  

I love being outdoors and recently completed a Backpacking adventure along the entire length of the John Muir Trail, over 211 miles from Yosemite National Park to the Summit of 14,505’ Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevada Range.  

I believe that photos capture a moment and each of my photos does that for me.  Whether it be traveling, morning coffee or hanging out with friends in the middle of the night in the mountains, each photo I share is special to me. I hope you agree and enjoy my moments!

Contact Info:

Email: info@chrisrobisonphoto.com

Phone: (971) 319-0528

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